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  • PCR 101 & Gel Electrophoresis MiniLab

    PCR 101 MiniLab

  • PrepOne Sapphire and Photo Hood for Smart Devices

    $549.00 M5000
  • PCR 101 and Gel Electrophoresis MiniLab With Micropipette Tips (M6003)

    $139.00 M6003
  • MiniOne® Buffer Tank

    MiniOne Gel Tank

    $49.00 M2001
  • MiniOne® Casting System

    MiniOne Casting System

    $49.00 M2002
  • MiniOne Electrophoresis Gel Treys

    MiniOne Gel Trays

    $49.00 M2013
  • MiniOne Gel Combs

    MiniOne Gel Combs

    $19.00 M2004
  • MiniOne® Electrophoresis Photo Hood

    MiniOne Photo Hood

    $29.00 M2005
  • MiniOne® Power Adapter

    MiniOne Power Supply

    $19.00 M2006

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